IRMxTP Part X - Fire is the Devil Hiding Like a Coward in the Smoke (Shut Your Eyes and You'll Burst Into Flames)

by Various Artists

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To celebrate Twin Peaks' long awaited third season, IRM will publish a digital tribute compilation of new and exclusive tracks inspired by David Lynch and Mark Frost's cult series. Carved in fire and dissonance, lost somewhere between haunting noise and heavy silence, darkjazz and doom rock, hypnotic electronics and hauntological ambient, this 10th installment is a tribute to BOB's fundamental element, an incandescent and genre-spanning phantasmagoria of crepuscular and crawling atmosphere. In total, 16 volumes are due for release before the end of the year. All of them will be available in free download. Our deepest thanks to the artists and everyone involved, it's been a lot of work and we hope you'll enjoy the result !

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IRM's review in French :


If you want to know more about this project, spread the word about it, read our Twin Peaks themed interviews of the artists involved in English + French and discover some excerpts from the next volumes including music videos, please join our Facebook event :


Fantôme Commodore "Wieder aufbauen" - music video by Fanette Chauvy (choreography / performance) and Laurent Abrial (video) :


10th Letter's Twin Peaks interview #6 :
r.roo's Twin Peaks interview #57 :


released October 29, 2017


Mastered by Skye Klein (

Artwork by Sagana_Squale (




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