1. CollAGE D(urdoudink)
    CollAGE D

  2. Les Citousiens
    Cyrod Iceberg

  3. WXY

  4. Warplush Vol 2

  5. Top Budget

  6. Drumloops, Gimmicks & Inner Creeps

  7. Rubber

  8. Camping Sauvage !

    PIRATE Tapes

  10. Le Ciel Rouge
    Red Space Cyrod

  11. Abel's Journey to Revival
    B-Maltais & Konejo

  12. Watched Watchers

  13. WHY
    Grosso Gadgetto & Philippe Neau

  14. Daily Grinders EP
    Valgidrà & Konejo

  15. Home Directory
    Hideor Tild

  16. ARSIA
    Some Pretend to Whisper

  17. Give us back this martyr...

  18. ZERO EP
    Scorched Earth Policy Lab (SEPL)

  19. Persistance EP
    Christophe Bailleau & Friends

  20. Beetz

  21. Warplush Vol 1

  22. Que Faire ?
    Le Crapaud et La Morue

  23. Matchmade Screens EP
    Valgidrà & Konejo

  24. IRMxTP Part XV - Nobody Loved Laura But Us (Time Heals All Wounds)
    Various Artists

  25. IRMxTP Part XIV - Red Room (The Evil in These Woods)
    Various Artists

  26. IRMxTP Part XIII - The Path to the Black Lodge (And I Saw Her Glowing in the Dark Woods)
    Various Artists

  27. IRMxTP Part XVI - Hear the Other Side, See the Other Side (Traces to Nowhere)
    Various Artists

  28. IRMxTP Part XII - Tatooine Peaks (When Jupiter and Saturn Meet)
    Various Artists

  29. IRMxTP Part VII - Where We're From, There's Always Music in the Air (Heaven Is a Large and Interesting Place)
    Various Artists

  30. IRMxTP Part XI - I Will Be in the Shadows If You Need Me (Let The Wicked Fall Into Their Own Nets)
    Various Artists

  31. IRMxTP Part X - Fire is the Devil Hiding Like a Coward in the Smoke (Shut Your Eyes and You'll Burst Into Flames)
    Various Artists

  32. IRMxTP Part IX - The Gifted and the Damned (Great Players Are Either Far or Few)
    Various Artists

  33. IRMxTP Part VIII - The Wood Holds Many Spirits (My Log Saw Something That Night)
    Various Artists

  34. IRMxTP Part V - If You Were Falling in Space... (The Angels Wouldn't Help You)
    Various Artists

  35. IRMxTP Part IV - Isn't It Too Dreamy ? (A Place Both Wonderful and Strange)
    Various Artists

  36. IRMxTP Part III - Through the Darkness of Future Past (Lonely Souls)
    Various Artists

  37. IRMxTP Part VI - The Full Blossom of the Evening (The Most Beautiful Dream and the Most Terrible Nightmare All at Once)
    Various Artists

  38. IRMxTP Part II - The Lonesome Foghorn Blows (The Secret of Knowing Who Killed You)
    Various Artists

  39. IRMxTP Part I - I Had the Strangest Dream Last Night (The Owls Were Silent)
    Various Artists

  40. Welcome to Twin Peaks (EP)
    Various Artists

  41. IRM presents: Ashes
    Various Artists

  42. IRM presents: Clashes
    Various Artists

  43. IRM presents: Clouds
    Various Artists

  44. 2007 Fresh and French Tour
    Various Artists

  45. Le Grand Vertige
    Le Crapaud et La Morue

  46. IRM Podcasts - #20/ introduction au concert hip-hop du 23/04/2023 à Paris - Mike Ladd, ShrapKnel et Fresh Kils à l'ESS'pace (par Rabbit)

  47. IRM Podcasts - #19/ 2021 : en approche sur IRM Netlabel (par Rabbit)

  48. IRM Podcasts - #18/ 2021 : la rentrée en accéléré (par Rabbit)

  49. IRM Podcasts - #17/ 2021 : rattrapages estivaux (par Rabbit)

  50. IRM Podcasts - #16/ premier bilan (par Elnorton)

  51. IRM Podcasts - #15/ 2021 : c'est l'été (par Rabbit)

  52. IRM Podcasts - #14/ 2021 : on en remet une couche (par Rabbit)

  53. IRM Podcasts - #13/ 2021 : on mélange tout (par Rabbit)

  54. IRM Podcasts - #12/ actu et RIP (par Rabbit)

  55. IRM Podcasts - #11/ le printemps dans tous ses états (par Rabbit)

  56. IRM Podcasts - #10/ 2021 au caveau (par Rabbit)


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De l'indie rock au drone en passant par l'electronica, la noise ou le classique contemporain, tous les univers sont sur Indie Rock Mag, IRM des musiques actuelles et désormais netlabel.
IRM is a french website - and from now on, a netlabel - born in 2005 and dedicated to good music of any kind. We're publishing reviews, interviews, live reports, streaming links and videos on a daily basis.
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